Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bolton (MASS) Brownie Scouts Package 1,151 Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to send to U S Soldiers

Bolton, OH Brownie Troop #30287 - sign says "Share Your Love (heart) with a Soldier on Valentine's Day.  Donate a box of Girl Scout Cookies.  Thank you!"

A couple of weeks ago I was copied on an email from my friend Sue asking for addresses of deployed Soldiers to send Girl Scout cookies to.  Sue's son, Justin, was wounded in Afghanistan while serving with the 173rd, 2-503rd in OEF VIII.  I met Justin at Walter Reed when he was there for medical treatment and had the pleasure of visiting with him at Walter Reed on several occassions.  Justin's road to recovery hasn't been easy.  When I first met him he was in a wheel chair.  He later hobbled around with the use of a cane.  Today he is able to walk without the use of assistance after many said he would, most likely, always require a cane to assist with his mobility.  Like any mom would, Sue became a huge activist for her son's treatment always feeling as if there was just something more that could be done for him.  She found a doctor in NYC who was able to treat Justin so that his mobility was more back to normal.  Warning folks:  Don't EVER get between a Wounded Warrior and his or her mom.  :)

Sue's email explained that her niece (Justin's cousin) was in a Brownie Troop in Massachusettes that had a history of collecting Girl Scout cookies to send to deployed military personnel.  The troop's goal this year was 1,000 boxes.  WOW!  I sent Sue several addresses for Soldiers in the 173rd, 2-503rd currently deployed to Afghanistan - AGAIN.  A couple of days ago I received the following email (with photos) from Sue.

"The cookies are in the mail! Thank you to all the Bolton Girl Scouts that participated in making our Cookies for the Soldiers FUNdraiser an enormous success! Two years ago the Brownies were honored to send 278 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to six family soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's amazing to see how the troop has grown into this responsibility.

Brownie Troop #30287 sponsored their 3rd annual Cookies for the Soldiers drive this year. The girls set a goal of 1000 boxes of cookies to be sent to our community soldiers. After two months effort the Brownies with their parents and a few other Bolton Girl Scouts, packaged 1151 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, during a funfilled Saturday afternoon of cookies and ice cream sundaes. The Girl Scout Cookies were shipped to 34 Soldiers serving overseas and here in the U S. This is a tremendous accomplishment for the Brownies and we know this could only be done with the help of the community we live in.

Thank you for your support helping us reach our goal in numbers and for allowing us the opportunity to teach the girls the importance of working together to serve the community they live in and serve our country, honoring our Girl Scout Promise. Your support has made a tremendous impact on the Brownies as well as the Leaders. A special thank you to Greg Roth from OnSite Therapy Solutions for paying the shipping expense of these cookies. This task would be a challenge without your contribution. We look forward to hearing from "Our Soldiers" and sharing their message with the girls"

Look at all of those boxes ready to ship.  WOW!

A big HOOAH to the Bolton Brownie Scouts, their leaders and community.  Greg Roth from OnSite Therapy Solutions deserves a HOOAH as well.  Shipping is not inexpensive.  Without his generous donation the cookies wouldn't be winging their way around the globe right now.

I have no doubts there will be MANY smiling faces and full tummies within the coming days.  Then, I suppose, the gyms will be hectic as the Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors happily work the calaries off.

This time of year there are Brownie and Girl Scout Troops and communities all over the nation who come together to send boxes of one of the best reminders of America - Girl Scout cookies - to our troops.  I applaude Bolton, Massachusette's Brownie Troop #30287 for an EXCEPTIONAL job.  Well done ladies.  Well done!

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