Monday, May 10, 2010

*DANGER* *DANGER* *DANGER* USO Girl Jamie & Tankerbabe Have Been Teamed Up as Volunteers for "Tee It Up Fore The Troops!"

Yep, it's official.  USO Girl, Jamie and I have been teamed up to spoil the hell out of assist 5 or 6 of the 30 Wounded Warriors who are attending this year's Tee It Up Fore The Troops golf outting at the Cowboys Golf Club in Grapevine, TX.  This fantastic event is sponsored by one of my absolute favorite troop support organizations, Defenders of Freedom.

Just to give you a little insight about this event the USO Girls, Jamie and Caroline, wrote about
their shenanigans participation at the event last year in this post.  It's a MUST see!  Caroline took some of the greatest photos EVAH!

Now I'm not going into this without a lot of trepidation.  See Jamie and Caroline are THE USO Girl Team.  Their reputation is, well, something.  Like last year when Caroline auctioned Jamie off to raise money for "Tee It Up Fore The Troops".  Hilarious but VERY effective.  They had hoped to raise $140 and ended up with $700.  HOOAH!

Alas Caroline fell in love and moved away to marry her honey and live happily ever after leaving Jamie to scour for whomever she could find to be her "teammate" this year.  Poor Jamie is stuck with me.  I'm going to do my very best to channel Caroline all day long and hope that she is sending me good ideas and comments (cuz no one can come up with comments like Caroline) through the cosmos.  Meanwhile the two of them will be reunited again soon when Jamie is Carolines "Old" Maid of Honor at her wedding.

DFW area - you've been warned.  And to those 5-6 lucky Wounded Warriors who are assigned to us...we'll see you when you get off of your flights next Sunday.  HOOAH!


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Pictures, pictures, pictures.... and yes, those soldiers ARE lucky to be paired with you.