Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend - Sunday 30 May 2010 - Hanging Out With 173rd, 2-503 Paratroopers

I was privileged to be a part of one of the most incredible weekends of my life.  Thousands of Paratroopers, family members and friends of past and present 173rd ABCT converged on Columbus, GA and Fort Benning for the dedication of the recently constructed 173rd Memorial at Patriot Park behind the new National Infantry Museum.  I have four posts to publish with pictures and comments of events over three days.

There were many groups who met on Sunday night around Columbus to raise a glass and toast their fallen comrades from Vietnam, OIF and OEF.  I joined a few of the 2-503 ROCK Paratroopers and their wives, finances and girlfriends as well as the Blaskowskis (Gold Star family) and widows of the fallen.

We toasted the memory of the fallen

Toasting the memory of the Fallen - TerryBlaskowski, Stan Blaskowski, Daniela Blaskowski, Me, Pitts, Cheryl Blaskowski, Queck, Hissong, Hayes and Delaney

We visited with friends

Amy, Pitts, Hissong and Delaney

We ate ribs and snacks

Terry, Cheryl, Daniela, Becky and Stan Blaskowski (family of KIA SFC Matthew Blaskowki)

We toasted again and again

Queck, Denton and Delaney

One of "us" got into some cross dressing

Mongo - REALLY?

We showed our love for each other over and over

Denton, me, Queck

Denton and Queck

Terry, Stan and Daniela Blaskowski

Adam and Judy

Danielle and Daniela - two amazing and VERY strong women!  Widows of SSG Mark Schafer and SFC Matthew Blaskowski

Then somehow the party moved outside.  OK, we got a wee bit too loud.  Go figure!

Brian and Brooke

Pitts, Delaney, Denton and Hissong

Hissong, me, Pitts and Delaney

Hayes, me, Denton

Pitts and Denton - showing their beer bellies???

We ran into someone for whom we all have great respect

Denton, Hissong, Carey, Ostlund, Pitts, Delaney, Hayes, Rodriguez and Queck

A great night all the way around.  We left in the wee hours of the morning looking forward to the events that lay ahead.


Queck hauling Denton off to the car


AFSister said...

Awesome. What an honor to be there with them, TB.

Coffeypot said...

The boys would have been proud of the gathering in their honor. You were with the best. Glad for you.