Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Restrepo Sneak Peak July 12, 2010 at Fort Benning, GA

Thanks to the generosity of a retired airline employee friend of mine I was able to hop a flight to Columbus, GA for the screening of Restrepo.  Another great time with amazing people.

I met Kanani of The Kitchen Dispatch and John & Judy Coffee of Coffeepot for the first time.  All people I've been in touch with for months but never had the opportunity to meet.  A GREAT start to the time there.  I also met Laura Kim who National Geographic Entertainment hired to promote Restrepo.  A very energetic lady.  What a pleasure to meet and spend time with these great people.

Tim Hetherington, the co-Director on the film with Sebastian Junger, and SGM LaMonta Caldwell were supposed to be present for the screening and the Q & A afterwards.  Due to thunderstorms along the east coast neither of their flights made it to Columbus on time.  SGM Caldwell as 173rd, 2-503, Battle Company 1SG during the OEF VIII deployment during which Restrepo was filmed.

When we walked into the Carmike Windsong Theater at Fort Benning the first thing I saw was this display:

A big "THANK YOU" to the manager of the Carmike Windsong for setting that up.  I wish I had written her name down.  Very nice lady!

There was a nice crowd for the Sneak Peak but a few empty seats.

Since Tim and SGM Caldwell weren't able to make it for the Q & A COL Bill Ostlund (Battalion Commander of 2-503 during OEF VIII) joined MAJ Dan Kearney (Battle Co Commander during OEF VIII) for the Q & A.

COL Bill Ostlund & MAJ Dan Kearney during Q & A after the Preview

It was great to see a lot of "old friends" at Fort Benning.  I'm happy I had the opportunity to be there to share this Sneak Peak with them.

Me, Kanani and COL Ostlund after the screening.  It was a HOT day in Columbus!

Restrepo is still showing at the Carmike Windsong on Fort Benning, GA.  If you haven't seen it PLEASE go.  To read review either google Restrepo or go the the facebook page to read what many are saying about it.

To find when Restrepo will open in a theater near you check the "Find a Theater" tab on their facebook page.  Additional cities and dates are being added each week.

Post about the Restrepo screening at Fort Campbell coming soon.  Meanwhile...go see Restrepo, go to the facebook page and "Like", pick up a copy of Sebastian's book WAR (the companion book to Restrepo).  Also keep your eyes open for Tim's book Infidel due out in October (I think) and available via pre-order now.


Coffeypot said...

Pisash! You meet heroes all the time. Your biggest treat was meeting me and Judy.

tankerbabelc said...

Without a doubt John. Without a doubt.