Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fun With The Blaskowskis, Their Family & Friends - What a Treat!

As I mentioned briefly in my prior post, I have several meaningful posts to write and publish.  I've been working on them but just don't seem to "have it in me" to do them justice these days.  So I thought I'd write this fun one in hopes of it motivating me.

Over the Memorial Day weekend I was in northern Michigan for the dedication of a Memorial Monument at Washington Park in Cheboygan, MI.  The Memorial is in memory of all local citizens who have given their lives in OEF and OIF.  SFC Matthew Blaskowski's name is etched on that monument. 

While I was in Michigan I had the absolute pleasure of staying with the Blaskowskis.  WHAT A TREAT!

As I pulled up to their house

Cheryl, her sister Celeste and their cousin Carol brought the limo around

It was a very stressful visit.  We spent a LOT of time doing this:


And this (eating):

Brisket & ribs - smoked right!

There were bears EVERYWHERE and this one almost got me!

Cheryl Blaskowski actually killed this bear.  Eh...she used a gun (not her bare hands) that she picked up when she threw down her cheese sandwich.  WHAT A TREAT for that mouse.

I got a little Ranger training in on the beach in the shadow of the Mackinac bridge.  Some of you may remember my Ranger training photo from when I was in Italy back in January. 

I got a part time job packing fudge at a local shop.  Didn't last long.  They said I was eating too many samples.

Cheryl was my first, *sigh*, and last customer before I was let go.

My best Vanna White impersonation

Later that day I tried my hand at bar tending.  MUCH more fun to be on the OTHER side of the bar doing shots!  Once again the job was short lived.  Gotta love a boss who doesn't understand "quality control".

Just a fabulous time with FANTASTIC folks.  WHAT A TREAT!


Cheryl said...

BTW ...that first pic is NOT my house! LOL that is my camper!

Cheryl said...

I have the better Vanna White pose, but you def have the RANGER training down PAT! LOL

ParachuteCutie said...

I HATE that I didn't get a photo of the truck that pulls your camper. BWAHAHAHAHA

As for the Ranger training - thanks for helping me out!

Miss you!

celeste said...

Everything about that weekend was a treat, just had to get past that first night. I can now say I have a new sister, love ya girl

ParachuteCutie said...

Thanks Celeste. You made my night! I tried to get Cheryl to give me your address so I could just move in with you and Mike. She loves you too much to do that. Darn it!

Love you, too and cannot wait to see you again. We've gotta get you on an airplane. So many cool places to go and have FUN!

Kanani said...

Vanna White! Too bad Pat Sajak wasn't around too. Glad you had a good time.

JihadGene said...

Looks like a great time with good folks LOOONG time!!!