Friday, December 14, 2012

Military Wife and Mom Asks That We Each Participate In "A Random Act of Kindness" For Her Birthday

I've been more than blessed with the folks I've met along the way as I've worked to help support the members and families of various military units the past few years.

One of my treasured friends is Angela Nestell.  Angela is the wife of 1SG Michael Nestell, who is currently deployed (for the fourth time), and the mother of three fantastic children.  She is one of the most loving, supportive, intelligent and caring people I have ever met.  Her sense of humor is priceless.

Today is Angela's birthday.  It is also the anniversary of  the passing of her beloved Grandma Branham.  No one ever wants to share their birthday with such a sad anniversary.  But in true "Angela style" the following is what she posted on her Facebook page today:

"Fourteen years ago today I said my final goodbyes to my Grandma Branham. For the first few years I hated my birthday, had pity parties for myself instead of celebrating. Then one year with the help of my family & friends, I decided that I should not only celebrate my life, but also my grandmas. This year my birthday wish is to do random acts of kindness in hopes that many will follow. So I challenge you to leave a quarter in a gumball machine, pay for someone's cup of coffee, help someone carry their groceries, open doors for others, take your local fire/police/ems a few goodies, donate old clothes to a shelter, etc. The list is endless & the smiles are priceless. ♥"
I continue to be amazed at how our military families give and give.  I hope you will all join me in helping Angela celebrate her Grandma Branham's life and memory as well as help Angela celebrate her birthday by participating in a random act of kindness today.
♫ Happy Birthday ♫ dear friend.  I will definitely take this challenge.  More so I wish you a lifetime of continued happiness, good health, love and success.

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