Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy 40th Birthday kev!!!

Today (15 Sept 2010) is a milestone for kev.  Oh heck who am I kidding?  Every day is a milestone for kev.  I've never had a better friend and am so grateful to have him in my life.  kev puts up with me when I wouldn't even put up with myself.  He never judges me and always supports me in whatever I do.  I just wish like hell he'd stop saying things that make me cry.  Grrrrrrrrrrrr  He just LOVES to make me cry.  TURD!  Oh, they are always sweet things - not mean things.  Still - he needs to stop that!

kev introduced me to Irish Car Bombs (OH THANK YOU kev!) and he made a birthday cake for me 2 years ago.  First birthday cake he ever made (and decorated).  It was delicious and beautiful.  I could go on and on extolling the wonderful things about kev but 1) do you all really want to read more of those things, 2) kev wouldn't really like for me to do that and 3) Uncle Jimbo's gonna get jealous - ok, more jealous.  Bottom line, I'm a lucky woman to have kev in my corner.  I know that every single day.

kev called me on 9/11.  Of course we talked about the significance of the day but kev reminded me that we would never have met if not for 9/11.  I'm not so sure about that but kev believes it.  Since it's his FORTIETH year on earth I'll go with it.  Regardless, I cannot imagine my life without kev in it and I don't ever want to have to.

So in honor of kev's FORTIETH birthday I offer a little photo montage

kev, me and Mike Brennan at a fund raiser for the 173rd OEF VIII Wounded Warriors.  kev is a member of the Wisconsin National Guard.  He has deployed to Iraq twice.  And HE held a fund raiser to help us fly the wounded from the entire 173rd Brigade back to Italy and Germany in September 2008 to be with their battle buddies for Memorial Services and other official events. 

kev "riding bitch" on WAR TORN - the motorcyle Terry and Cheryl Blaskowski were having painted to give to their oldest son, SFC Matthew Blaskowski, until he was KIA at Firebase Vegas, Afghanistan on 23 Sept 2007.  Matt's younger brother, Stan, now owns the bike.  It is amazing to say the least.

kev standing in front of WAR TORN

kev and ma in Italy at the 173rd, 2-503rd Welcome Home party after OEF VIII
P. S.  It rained that night, hence my awesome hair!

kev teaching me to play beer pong in Italy at SFC Kevin Rice's house.  I don't drink beer so we were playing with vodka and scotch.  Oops!

kev, as always, being a good sport for me in the Atlanta airport just before his flight back to Iraq after his R&R leave last year.

And my all time favorite video of kev.  Filmed in Thornton, CO the weekend of July 4, 2008.  One of many great times.  I hope we have more to come kev.  And I miss the Free Fly! (Apologies that Uncle Jimbo is so prevalent in the video).

Happy Birthday kev. I love you - FOREVER!


Kanani said...

Happy Birthday Kev!

Anonymous said...

kev probably feels the same way about you, Leta. You rock.
And, yeah. We NEED a free fly for sure!
Happy Birthday,kev. (Little k, little k.)