Thursday, September 23, 2010

Remembering SFC Matthew Blaskowski, KIA 23 September 2007, Firebase Vegas, Kunar Province, Afghanistan

23 September 2010

Dear Matt,

It doesn't seem possible that it has been three years, tomorrow, since I woke up and found this email:


It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that our friend, Matt Blaskowski was killed yesterday during an attack on Firebase Vegas. I truly wish I could have called you with this news, but as you know, communication here is difficult at best.


Every time I think of you those words resonate in my mind and I always wish I could make them go away and that you were still here.  You are thought of and missed by so many every day.

Your mom and dad are doing well. Some days are still difficult to get through. Matt they continue to honor your life and service, as well as those of all of the fallen, in so many ways. They inspire and comfort so many including me. Sometimes when your mom and I talk about you we both get emotional. I try to be strong for her but it's always your mom being there for me. I hope that one day I'll be that strong one. She's amazing Matt. SO strong. So very strong.  There's a little political commotion going on in your hometown over a memorial for the fallen from Afghanistan and Iraq.  Lord help those who are trying to stand in the way.  It's already been approved and everything but now someone has questioned where it is slotted to be built.  I sure as heck wouldn't want to be in your parents "line of fire" over that one.  I've no doubts they'll prevail and it will be built where it should be - right there in the middle of town.

Your mom and dad still hear from a lot of your battle buddies and that means so much to them. I hope they, your battle buddies, never stop calling, visiting and emailing them. You keep watch over that will ya? Send down a big Ranger kick in the ass if they slack off. OK?

Stan and Becky are doing fine. I don't really talk to them much but your mom and dad keep me up to date on them, Keegan and Haley. Ha ha ha. Keegan and Haley really keep everyone on their toes. They are growing up so fast and are SO darn cute. Keegan's quite the pumpkin shooter and Haley is a little fashion diva. They bring such joy to your mom and dad.

Stan and your dad road their bikes down to Fort Benning in late May/early June for the 173rd Memorial dedication. Yes, Stan was on your bike, WAR TORN. It's his now. I'm really glad they spent that time together on the road. The bike was quite a hit at Benning. Your dad, mom and Stan are so proud of the amazing job the artist did on it. Every now and then Stan posts on facebook that he took it out for a ride. Man how I wish you were here to ride along with him. He misses you Matt. We keep telling him to talk to you - that you are listening and for him to listen back. I hope he does.

Daniela flew over from Italy for the 173rd Memorial dedication she is as beautiful as ever inside and out. It was so good to see her and it was an absolute joy to spend time with her.

Well, I'm gonna go now. But before I do I have one favor to ask. Would you just reach down with those angel arms of yours and hold your mom, dad, Stan, Becky and Daniela really really tight for a minute? I know it's a long reach but try.

We love you and miss you. Always.


AndiGirl said...

Thanks, Leta. I miss Matt and his infectious smile. He was always there for his friends - willing to lend a hand or a shoulder when needed. RIP Matt.

CRF said...

Thanks for the wonderful words Leta. You made me cry...

JihadGene said...

God bless the Blaskowski family and all Matt's friends.