Monday, November 22, 2010

In The Company Of Heroes

Many have been calling, emailing and texting asking when I will post about being in Washington, DC for the Medal of Honor events. This is about the best I will be able to offer you and it isn't much.

I was privileged to be in DC and Virginia during the time of SSG Giunta's Medal of Honor presentation and other events. I wasn't invited to the White House and there was no reason for me to be included in that ceremony. I was, however, invited to other events associated with the Medal of Honor and the awesome men, wives, parents and girl friends of The Rock.

The Medal of Honor ceremony and all of the events tied to it were for and about SSG Giunta, his platoon members, Battle Co and the ROCK – not about having the privilege of sharing in the events. I will say that I have NEVER been more proud of or to know these men (and their lovely wives and girlfriends). And I have never felt so loved in my life. Beyond that it's impossible to put the experience and the emotions into words so I won't even try.

SSG Giunta, his wife Jenny and the men of Battle Co., 1st Platoon made this nation proud. Not just in the actions they all took that fateful day on October 2007 but during all of the days they were in the Korengal Valley and all the days they were in DC. They were all professional and humble. They represented this nation, the Army and The ROCK with such dignity.

If you haven't watched at least one video or interview with SSG Giunta then you've missed out on hearing one of the greatest friends the men of 1st Platoon could ever have. He has been emphatic about sharing his Medal of Honor with all of those men who were there that day and any man or woman who has ever served in our nation's military. A true American. A true Paratrooper. A true Warrior. An incredible role model. The real deal.

It was beyond a privilege and an honor to be in Washington, DC last week.


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Mayberry Mom said...

"The real deal"

That's what I thought when I saw his interviews. His humbleness and sincerity just really shine through.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of the 503rd, I HOPING to be able to do an interview next summer with a friend of my dad's who was in the 503rd and jumped into Corrigador.
I've been kicking the idea around of trying to get interviews with WWII vets to record their eyewitness accounts before they all die.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your steadfast support of our young people out on the pointy end.

Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving!

tankerbabelc said...

Mayberry Mom - yes, he is an incredibly humble man.

OldSoldier54 - PLEASE do the interview and share it with all of us. And thank you for your very kind words. It is such a privilege to support these Soldiers.