Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's Thanksgiving - Who Wants to Blog or Even Read a Blog?

November 2010 has been a pretty darn good month.

The 173rd ABCT all redployed from Afghanistan to their respective basis in Italy and German. That's pretty darn awesome. Will will never forget their fallen brothers from this deployment. Rest in peace men.

SSG Giunta received the Medal of Honor. He and his platoon who were in that fateful ambush on 25 October 2007 were all able to reunite in DC/VA along with many other members of Battle Company from OEF VI and OEF VIII. They were joined by a contingent of "B" (Bravo) Company men from the 2-503 who parachuted into Vietnam and fought there. It was inspiring and heartwarming to see all of these Paratroopers together. The families of SPC Hugo "Doc" Mendoza and SGT Josh Brennan were also in attendance. Very touching to see the men surround those families with love and respect. From all accounts it was not only an incredibly honorable time but a huge healing process for many. SSG Giunta and his wife, Jenny, are incredible Ambassadors for the United States, the Army and the 173rd, 2-503rd. They both exude such dignity, grace and poise.

Thanksgiving was a peaceful and restful day around my house, No big meal.  No shower. In pjs all day. Wonderful!  And, it was my birthday.  I am grateful for the multitude of birthday wishes I received from around the world.  I am also thankful to those who donated over $600.00 to Defenders of Freedom for my birthday wish.  THANK YOU ALL!  But I must say the greatest "gift" of the day was when 15 or so of the 2-503 CHOSEN FEW, who have only been back in Italy for a few day,s sang "Happy Birthday" to me via phone.  They sang so loud I almost didn't need the phone to hear them.  THANK YOU guys! 

So one holiday is practically in the books.  Christmas is around the corner.  Then we begin a new year.  We continue to have so many men and women in harms way.  Parents, spouses, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, etc who are separated from their families.  Oh how I yearn for a holiday season and a new year when we are not at war.  Keep them all in your prayers and thoughts each day.  And never forget those who have given all of their tomorrows while serving our nation.

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