Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Welcome Home A Hero at DFW Airport 18 December 2010

My very dear friend, Donna Cranston of Defenders of Freedom posted the following video on her facebook page earlier today.  It is a video that Bruce, who along with Donna and many others organize the Welcome Home a Hero welcome EACH day at the Dallas-Forth Worth airport for the inbound R&R flights from Iraq and Afghanistan.

I've had the privilege of being at the DFW airport for a morning welcome.  Words cannot possibly describe what an experience it is.  If you can get inside security you get to wave and hollar as they leave the jetway and pass down a long glass enclosed walk way to immigration and customs.  Once the last person has come though the jetway you scurry back out through security to await the line exiting the secured area (which is what you see in this video).  The family reunions, smiles and tears are something to witness. 

Local citizens, Veterans of all wars, fire department and police department personnel from around the area girl scout and brownie scout troops, boy scout and cub scout groups and every other possible other group you can imagine come out EACH day to welcome home our troops.  Recently Mary Kay representatives were there giving out goodie bags with their products for the female troops to have or the men to take home.  Yep...a real cross section of America.

Volunteers like Donna and Bruce are there to direct the troops to their connecting flights, the USO or to answer ANY questions they may have.  It's not uncommon for Donna to snag a Soldier who has a long delay and take him to her house for a nice long shower and a meal before returning him to his flight.

God Bless you Welcome Home a Hero! 

Well done Bruce!


Maria said...

wao! that kind of welcome home must be so great.´mia Sweden

Esther said...

This is amazing! But why did I watch this right before I have to drive kiddo to Kindergarten... have to re-do my eye makeup..