Saturday, June 4, 2011

UPDATED with new payment option - LAST CALL - ROCK Throws (I cannot call them afghans)


I've had a few inquiries lately for the throws that we sold last year.  I don't have any on hand but will place ONE MORE order for them on 30 June.  This is the LAST CALL for these so please spread the word.

When we first decided to sell them it was to raise money for a welcome home party after OEF X (that we never developed).  We donated all of the procedes to charities that help the Wounded Warriors and that use at least 85% of all funds towards helping the Wounded Warriors and not for admin costs.  At that time we were selling them for $40.00 plus $9.95 for shipping.  Since we are not in fund raising mode anymore they will be $40.00 each.  IF there are any procedes over the cost of the throws and the shipping it will be donated to Defenders of Freedom.  Why Defenders of Freedom?  Because they have supported many of the ROCK Paratroopers and continue to do so.  And because they fall within the guidelines of not having admin costs over 15%.  Defenders of Freedom is a non-profit 501c3 organization.  Your payment is tax deductble.


Payments can be made by clicking on THIS LINK which will take you to the Defenders of Freedom "donation" site.

  1. Select $40.00 in the amount drop down then click on "Add to Cart" 
  2. If you want two throws you will then need to click on "Donate" and select the $40.00 again and "Add to Cart"
  3. Once you have the correct amount in your "cart" ($40.00 for one throw, $80.00 for two throws, etc) click on "Checkout"
  4. VERY IMPORTANT - at the bottom of the Secure Checkout page you will see "How did you find out about Defenders of Freedom?: In the field next to that you must type Leta then the quantity & design of the throw(s) you are ordering.
     Leta 1 Cat Patch or
     Leta 1 Cat Patch and 1 BDEBN or
     Leta 2 Cat Patch

A receipt will be generated with your name and mailing address.  That is the address to which your order will be shipped once we have the throws.  Remember, they will not be ordered until June 30, 2011 and it usually takes about 6 weeks to receive them from the manufacturer.

If you prefer to mail a check please either leave a comment here, email me or send me a facebook message.  Please get the word out.  This is LAST CALL

Cat Patch Design:

BDE/BN Design:


brennanjamm said...

Hey Leta,
Laurie and I would like to order a throw. They look great. How can I get you the money?
Terry Brennan

cmrportillo1435 said...

I would like one of the cat patch ones my email is let me know what I need to do

Jennifer said...

Would love one for my husband. My email address is

old grunt said...

Hey Leta: Love the blog. My wife and i would love to send you a check for one of the 503d "throws". Our son is a proud "Rock"paratrooper! My name is Bryan Galante(I'm on FB),but here is my wife Dawn's
I'll tell her to watch out for your e-mail.THANKS!>Bryan

Amber said...

Any word on when these will be shipped?

ParachuteCutie said...

Amber, I am out of town for a funeral. The throws had not arrived when I left. They should have been here already. I have a note to call the manufacturer when I get home.

jmp1981 said...

Im currently in Afghanistan and missed a chance to order these throws. Is it possible to order one now or is it too late? I would like the cat patch and the brigade/ bn one also. Thanks. email