Friday, January 1, 2010

My Old Posts Can Be Found By Clicking Here

OK, I've decided it's time I "grew up" and had a bit more of a real blog. Since I have NO idea how to move my old posts over here you can just use the link to go read them and see photos, videos and more.


JihadGene said...

Wish I had some helpful advice but of course I don't...oh well.

Can you get Kev up and off of his sandy and soiled US Army money-maker and do another freefly about sheep, beer, music, dogs, cats, sheep, or the world...or something?

Ruv you looong time!!!
JG ;)

JihadGene said...

Love you! Did you get the word on Chili's Restaurant from Evan Pertile's Mom?

... If you can eat at ANY Chili's restaurant "today only"...100% of the profits go to St Jude Children's Research Hospital!!!


Ky Woman said...

doesn't vox have some type of "export" option? Other than that, I'm clueless. :) Or would it be 'import' from blogger? Google it, maybe?

btw...Welcome to blogspot!

Jamie said...

Thank goodness, now I can read your blog at work.