Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1ST Burton Gets a Little Extra TLC on His Return to Afghanistan after R&R

A little birdie recently sent word that 1SG Burton, 4th BDE, 4th ID, 3-61 CAV B Troop would be returning to Afghanistan after R&R via DFW (Dallas-Forth Worth) airport.  You may remember 1SG Burton's name, sadly, because of what his men endured at the Battle of COP Keating.

Even before learning that he would be returning via DFW I had planned to travel to Dallas to volunteer with my buddies Caroline and Jamie aka The USO Girls.  Unfortunately it didn't work out for me to be in Dallas but Jamie and Linda (one of the huggin' and kissin' grannies) made sure 1SG Burton got a proper send off.

1SG Burton and USO Girl Jamie

Kissin' & Huggin' Grandma Linda and 1SG Burton

1SG Burton picked a great day to fly via DFW (well, if anything about going back to Afghanistan can be considered "good").  It was Jamie's 4th anniversary of volunteering at the USO.  HOOAH Jamie!

Huggin & Kissin grandmas Linda and Connie with attendee at WLF fund raiser

1SG you may not realize just HOW fortunate you where. I'm sure that hug from grandma Linda was awesome but thank goodness she wasn't dressed like she was in the photo above and selling kisses to raise money for a charity that supports a myriad of active duty personnel and Veteran's needs.

On the other hand ??????

We hope you had safe travels but MOST OF ALL that you and your men continue to stay safe for the remainder of your deployment.  We cannot wait to welcome you all HOME.

Many thank yous to Jamie and grandma Linda and to ALL of the incredible USO volunteers who do what they do for our military personnel and their families day in and day out.


mirabelle said...

hey.. i need to know whether you are still in contact with M. Cunningham !? Please... leave a comment on your page.. Ill check it every now and again... Im worried... i need to know. take care. amira

tankerbabelc said...


He's find.

bell'A said...

thank you a lot!
could you pls gimme his email-address!?! i just want to know whether he doesnt WANT to keep in contact or lost mine.... send it to

Tsani Jones said...

Wow. I remember Ron when he was a Specialist in 82d. I didn't think he'd be a lifer, but I'm not even slightly shocked that he turned out to be the honorable man he has.

Making an old man grateful to have served with him on his first deployment, and very happy to know troops were in his hands.

He's always been good people to the few of us that still keep in touch. Several of us would love to say hello again.

All The Way!

(May you have that Vanagon and the good life!)