Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How Do You Know A Bunch Of Paratroopers Are Bored in Afghanistan?


1) They even have time and the opportunity to be on Facebook


2) They post things like:

  • [Soldier's name] might soon be able to google in his underwear... just like home
  • rosetta stone day one: La nina bebe......Im getting there
  • i think we could use more rockets and less ice cream
  • Something I heard the other day...."Damn girl, you smell like bacon; let me get in that butt" Gotta love hearing Soldiers talk about their personal exploits
  • Everything on my internet is in russian..... I'm probably about to buy a space shuttle online instead of the CD I thought I was downloading....
  • I miss getting shmamered. It gave me ideas for stupid shit to write on here.
  • watching sesame street....letter of the day is 'S' in case anyone was wondering.
  • is happy the poo river that ran past the TOC has now been expertly diverted away... its the little things people
  • So I had a kid throw a rock at me, another one flip me off, a cow stop in front of my truck, and another kid show me his penis. all in one patrol.
  • Fighting nothing but boredom
  • First contact for the new deployment yesterday, weak shit though. Got all wound up in the back of an MRAP and didn't end up doing anything, just made myself tired. Rocket man is getting gay too. Interrupted while I was trying to eat my strawberries.
Wish I'd kept up with them longer.  There have been some that were much more hilarious.

They ARE busy.  My next post will confirm that.  It's a story that still has me in chills (in a good way).

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Ang said...

Haha I love seeing these pop up on FB. The bacon one had me laughing the other day. Its amazing what these guys come up with. Just like Michaels comments of LBD's, had no clue what that meant til I read the comments. Hahaha xoxo