Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 2 - "Leta Week"

Well, it seems they meant it when they put up the sign for "Leta Week".  I punched in my security code, opened the door to the Operations Center this morning and found this:

Prepared by these ladies:

Janelle, Elizabeth & Donna

These ladies don't even work in our division.  But...my office is on their side of the building so they see me more than our division staff does.  Despite the fact that they probably listen to me growling and yelling at people all day they still wanted to be a part of "Leta Week".  That's pretty darn special to me.

Not pictured above is Libbie, the wife of our EVP/COO.  She sent a delicious oriental salad.  I could have eaten the whole bowl.

So anyway...by lunch time the entire building smelled DEELICIOUS and looked like this:

Pulled pork, a humongous crock pot full of homemade mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, ribs & kraut and the oriental salad.  Off to the right side are onions, pickles, bread, cream puff cake and beautifully decorated cookies.  What a wonderful midday feast!

Then the vultures showed up:

Shoo!  Go away!

Here's a shot of the cookies.  Believe me when I tell you that ALL of the food was just delicious but the cookies seemed to be deserving of their own shot - especially given the theme.

You know I was lovin' that!

Towards the end of the day I received an email with this pic:

And this text:

It’s going to hard to beat the treats we’ve enjoyed the last two days – but we’re gonna try.

Tomorrow we will be serving:

     Breakfast Menu: Donuts and Sausage Bread

     Lunch Menu:  Soups - Chili and Vegetable, Summer Sausage and crackers, chips, Chicken Salad and dessert

I think I'm going to need a "to go" box before this is all over.  What an amazing team of people to work with.  I'm so thankful!


Jodi said...

Of course they love you...just like so many of us. Enjoy your week!!! What an awesome gift, a Defenders of Freedom donation! A great organization to support!

ParachuteCutie said...

Jodi, love you, too! I'm so happy that Defenders of Freedom and Jamie/Caroline brought us together.

It was an amazing week all the way around - well, except for the leaving part. :(