Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 3 - "Leta" Week

Well I guess a few people can't go to bed until I post about Day 3 of "Leta" Week.  Sorry to be so late in posting but I'm in a food coma - one that's probably not going to end for a couple more days.

Thank you to Heather Ostlund for calling me to tell me she's waiting for this post.  I may have just slept right through the night.

We started the morning with Sausage Bread (YUMMY) and about a bazillion donuts.  Sausage Bread is this amazing creation of sausage (DUH), peppers, cheese, etc., wrapped in fresh bread dough and baked.  Did I say YUMMY yet?  Man it is good.  Washed that down with a donut and some Starbucks coffee.

For lunch:

Homemade vegetable beef soup, chili (with cheese to put on top), homemade chicken salad sandwiches (3 kinds of bread), summer sausage and crackers, chips and dip, cookies, pink lemonade and iced tea.

My gratitude and compliments to the chefs - Suzanne, Sharon H., Sharon W. and Pam.  I appreciate all of the time and trouble you all went through to make today's breakfast and lunch so enjoyable.

But I really should digress.  After the huge breakfast Connie just wasn't sure she could make it to lunch on her own power.  Brandon helped her out in our office rickshaw.  Yeah, we've got it all here, folks!

Brandon and Connie - man I'm going to miss these two clowns!

Throughout the week "things" have been appearing on my desk.  For example:

A lone but very delicious chocolate truffle

And these, one per day:


Sorry for the poor quality of the photo.  They are tiny little guys.  About an inch tall.  This one is wearing a parachute.  Heck yeah!



This is the stamp on the bottom of them:

I think they are neat as heck and I'm very touched that someone knows how much "my" Soldiers mean to me.  I know, these are marked "Union of S Africa" but it's the thought that means so darn much.  And they are cool as heck.

Yes, I've seen the menu for tomorrow.  Holy smokes!  I'm so very touched by the kindness and generosity of all of the people in our building and from around the region, too.  The emails I've been getting are incredibly thoughtful.  Sure, there are a few who won't miss me (is what it is) but to know so many will really makes me feel like I've made a difference here.  I couldn't have done it without so many of them pulling their weight and then some.

Speaking of weight...anyone have the number for Weight Watchers?

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