Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 4 - "Leta" Week

The food coma continues - in a GOOD WAY!

This morning I walked into the office to find a wonderfully delicious breakfast!

French toast, link sausages, breakfast casserole, chocolate muffins, pigs in a blanket, peanut butter chews and fruit pizza.

The chefs of the day:

Derek, Rose and April

Just like the team from day 2 these great chefs work for our Financial Services Division but with whom we share office space.  I'm touched and grateful that they wanted to participate in the festivities this week.

Second guy from right is Andrew.  His wife, Shaunda, was also one of the chefs.

I love how everyone was "encouraging" April to hurry up and cut the fruit pizza so we can EAT!

It was another incredible day.  The food was so delicious but the comraderie was even better.  As much as I've loved every minute of this week I'm going to be sad to see it end - not because there will be no more awesome food but, because I'll be saying goodbye to an wonderful group of people that I have really enjoyed working with.


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