Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Defenders of Freedom Tee It Up Fore The Troops 2012 - Relaxing after a great day of golf

After a fantastic day of golf, meeting new friends, reacquainting with old friends, lots of laughts and several amazing feats by the Wounded and Veteran Soldiers, we gathered in the bar at the Westin to relive the day over a few adult beverages.

Mike "Mongo" Denton, Jodi Sorenson, Jon Hill, Jamie Averitt, Adam Delaney & Kevin Rice.  What a dangerous group!  Jamie and Jodi are volunteers at the DFW USO and have been for MANY years.  I love those ladies!

Jamie and me showing some love to Jody Thompson - one of our awesome Veteran golfers.

Jamie, Brandon & Jodi

Jamie, please don't fee the animals (with Mike Denton) 

Anthony and Brandon hammin' it up for the camera

Adam Delaney, one of the awesome guys from US Bank, Mike Denton and Jamie (mugging for the camera)

Donna being held for ransom.  She wanted/needed to go home but the guys love her so much they didn't want her to leave.  This photo was emailed to Donna's husband.

When Donna's husband (who was sound asleep given the hour of the night these were taken) didn't respond with ransom money, things got serious!

Note the hands around Donna's neck

They finally released Donna to go home but not before lots of hugs and "thank yous"

Kevin Rice thanking Donna Cranston for the opportunity to be at the golf outing this year.

The last of us finally crawled into bed around 03:00.  Long day.  Short night.  TOTALLY worth it!

One more event to write about - our VIP tour of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

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