Friday, May 25, 2012

Rolling Thunder's 25 Anniversary & Annual Ride to the Wall

Over the past few days, and in the days to come, an estimated one million Americans will ride their motorcycles to Washington, DC to participate in Rolling Thunder's Ride to the Wall.  Wednesday (2 days ago) some dear friends of mine, Frank and Nancy Rouse, Steve Monaghan and Robert (oops, don't know last name), pulled out of Memphis on their way to DC for this great event.  I wish them, and all of the bikers, a safe journey.  Frank and Steve are Vietnam Veterans.  Both were decorated with the Bronze Star with Valor for their actions in Vietnam.  Frank was also awarded a Purple Heart for wounds he sustained in Vietnam.  Frank was also one of the Soldiers who made the jump into Vietnam as a member of the 173d, 2-503d during

Rolling Thunder, Inc. was founded twenty five years ago to bring full accountability for Prisoners Of War (POW) and Missing In Action (MIA) of all wars, reminding the government, the media and the public by our watchwords: “We Will Not Forget.”  Since Rolling Thunder started, our government has recovered the following numbers of remains: WWI-6, WWII-240, Korean War-73, Vietnam War-697, Gulf War-14 and Iraq War-3 with seven live POW's returned from this war.

The Winston Salem News dot com has a great write up about this year's event at this link.

I wish all of the riders a safe journey to DC and back to their homes.  And I pray for the day that all of our POW/MIAs are reunited with their families.

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