Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SGT Andrew E. Okemwa 172d ABLE Co 3-66 Soldier of the Week 27 May 2012

SGT Andrew E. Okemwa

SGT Okemwa, a native of Nirobi, Kenya, has demonstrated a commitment to the 172D Brigade which distinguished him from his peers.

SGT Okemwa, the son of David and Salone Okemwa, joined the Army in July 2007.  He joined the Army to make a better life for his family.  He has taken advantage of the opportunity to continue his college education and earn his American citizenship while do his part in the Global War on Terrorism.

SGT Okemwa deployed to Afghanistan with Alpha Company, 3-66 Armor, Task Force 1-2 Infantry as the company supply sergeant.  He has been instrumental in the success of the company through the thorough accountability of all property.  He is the only supply sergeant in the Battalion that has not had to conduct a Financial Liability Investigation for Property Loss (FLIPL) throughout the year long deployment.

The company displaced to three provinces which resulted in company-level property book transfers of Theater Provided Equipment.  Additionally, he managed the issue, accountability, and turn-in of 100% of the company’s plate carriers.  His attention to detail while processing documentation was flawless; SGT Okemwa has proven that he a competent combat proven logistician.

SGT Okemwa is also an outstanding leader of Soldiers.  During temporary assignment to Bagram Airfield (BAF), he helped to process 173 Soldiers through the passenger terminal as they departed for, and returned, from Environmental Morale Leave.  He kept 100% accountability of their sensitive items on BAF during their absence.  Additionally, he led physical fitness training for the headquarters Soldiers; his morale and sincere desire to improve the overall fitness of the Soldiers he works with is exceptional.  His performance during the deployment has resulted in the recommendation for him to be presented to the Staff Sergeant promotion board in July 2012.

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