Saturday, February 6, 2010

Helping kev Reintegrate After Deployment - A Photo Essay Part 1

I arrived at Fort Knox to pick kev up.  Stopped by 6-4 CAV first to say hello to SFC Domingues, MAJ Nelson and others from 6-4 CAV.  Great to see them and meet some new folks who have joined the Squadron since they returned from Afghanistan.
We drove to Louisville and checked into our hotel.  Poor kev...I forgot about how being a passenger with a civlian so soon after a deployment can be a LOT stressful for a Soldier.  He survived and only yelled at me a few times.  Called Uncle Jimbo who was INSANELY jealous he's not here with us.  Yep, he actually admitted that.  Off to dinner, wine, scotch and the traditional Irish Car Bomb.  kev, of course finished his first
Then off to Fourth Street Live
Decided to use the "2 free cover charge" for Howlin' at the Moon.  Good choice!
FINALLY!  That awesome kev smile.  He was starting to relax and was playing "stump the piano guys".  But he didn't!
After "enough" (is there really an "enough" point for liquor when a great friend redeployes?) wine, beer, scotch and shots the jello shots.  Yeah, that's me, scotch in hand taking the jello shot.  Ugh!
Jello shots with whipped cream and scotch...well, my reaction....ewwwwwwwwwwww
kev made friends with one of the piano players who announced "Welcome back from Iraq kev" which precipitated a flourish of free drinks and shots on our table. 
The kev bought Red Headed Sluts shots for everyone who had bought drinks for us.  This picture kev, girlfriend of Sailor and Sailor.  Think kev was toasted yet?  :)
Local businessman, kev and business man's girlfriend.  REALLY nice guy.  Thanked kev over and over and bought kev way too many drinks. :)
Drinking the Red Headed Slut shots
Driving back to Fort Knox so kev can sign in and we can back track to Louisville for Part II.  NOT gonna go into that foolishness.
As we were walking from the car to the visitor's center to get a pass on to Post I heard a female voice call, "Leta."  Huh?  Not many people know I'm here.  I turned around and it was my friend Dbie.  Holy Smokes!  What are the changes of that?  So good to see her.

Got kev signed in and are back at the hotel.  kev is snoring away in preparation for tonight's festivities.  I'm gonna do the same thing.

WELCOME HOME kev.  I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you are back safely.


Kanani said...

Ha ha....
love it....
be careful, don't give out your number namby pamby, okay?

Kanani said...

P.S. I see those jello shooters with the whipped cream and all I can think is "Lactose Intolerant!"

Mayberry Mom said...

I hope you have someone on stand-by with Bail Money *wink*

paul mitchell said...

Two words: Stomach Pump.

Welcome back, Kev. Thanks!!!

AFSister said...

LMAO! I just posted a comment on UJ's post about our chance meeting. how funny. You know, when Keith showed up at the visitor's center, I said "Guess who I ran into when I got here?" When I said "Leta"... it actually took a few seconds for your name to register. Too funny.

I LOVE HOWL AT THE MOON!!! We used to have one here in Cincinnati. I had no idea there was one in Louisville! Next time I go down, we are *so* there.

Great to have you back, Kev!

JihadGene said...

Welcome back home, Kev. I wanna party with you guys LOOONG time!!!

tankerbabelc said...

Well I think the hangover has finally gone. Man, I've got to get back into training. LOL

Kanani - The whipped cream was not so pleasant with all that alcohol. Wish I'd "seen it coming" before I tasted it. :)

Mayberry Mom - we had a designated driver (hotel van) and behaved ourselves otherwise. Not really sure why. :)

Paul Mitchell - probably would have been the better option in lieu of letting the hangover run it's course.

AFSister - SO good to see you. Sorry we had to run off so quickly. We loved Howl at the Moon. The restaurant where we had dinner was around the corner and gave us a coupon to waive the cover fee. Just seemed "meant to be" that we go there and it was the perfect choice.

GJ - the TOP item on my "bucket list" is to party with you friend. I hope it's sooner than LOOOOOOONG TIME coming.