Friday, February 12, 2010

I "heart" and "bullet" Ranger Grif

The other day I received a package from one of my Soldiers who recently returned from his second deployment to Afghanistan.  Normally I wouldn't share something like this publically but this is an exception.

I opened the package and found two items.  This gorgeous heart pendant (sorry the photo quality isn't so good).

It really is much more beautiful than the photo indicates.  Lapis is thought to only be mined in one province of Afghanistan and has been for thousands of years.  There are several grades of lapis.  The most highly sought after is the grade that is bright blue with flects of a gold colored material in it called pyrite.  The heart shown above has the gold flecks of pyrite in it but they are showing in the photo as much darker.

AND THEN.....I saw the second object and I laughed so hard.  Absolutely LOVE IT
Yep.  A bullet carved from lapis.  Now how darn thoughtful of a Ranger is that?  Just can't get any better.

Guess which one has been hanging around my neck since I got them?

Thank you Ranger Grif.  I absolutely "heart" and "bullet" you!


Kanani said...

Wow, what a nice thought, an incredible gift!

AFSister said...

Keith sent me a lapis heart when he was in Afghanistan, and it was subsequently stolen several months later. I miss it terribly. It was gorgeous- medium blue with gold flecks, just like you're describing. I loved it.

I have to admit though... I didn't think "bullet" when I saw the bottom picture. I thought... "PHALLIC". hehehehe