Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Results Are In - Sky Soldiers Declare Me A Loser

A few weeks ago Angela Nestell, wife of 173rd, 2-503 Soldier SFC Michael Nestell, learned that I was sending baked goods, including brownies, to several of the Sky Soldiers currently deployed to Afghanistan.  Angela has been sending cookies to her husband and his men.  When she learned I was sending brownies, banana nut bread and other assorted loaf cakes such as blueberry, apple struesel, cinnamon struesel, cranberry orange, etc. she wanted a piece of the action.   I honestly don't recall who challenged who first but none-the-less we both sent our brownies to "the judge", Destined Company's 1SG Mark Patterson.  From that the brownie competition was born.

As I stood in my kitchen making my brownies from SCRATCH I knew she would most likely be opening a box mix.  I added the full POUND of BUTTER to my mix, the eggs, cocoa, flour, etc all the while smiling and knowing that she had no chance in hell.  I hadn't even air sealed or shipped my brownies and I was already feeling sorry for her.

For the past 10 days or so there has been non stop trash talking between the two of us.  Hell, I even bought and laundered new sheets and sealed them up with a fabric softener sheet and shipped them to the 1SG - not that I was attempting to sway his vote or anything.

I cannnot  begin to tell you the sting I felt when I woke up this morning and saw this on Angela's Nestell's Facebook page:

Angela Nestell HAS BEEN CROWNED THE BROWNIE COMPETITION CHAMPION!!!!!! Please if you have Leta Carruth as a friend on your page I ask that you offer her all the kind words you can give her during this trying time, because...SHE"S GONNA NEED IT! Wooohoo *happy dance happy dance*

So I checked my Facebook message inbox and found this message titled "Taste Test Results":

Mark Patterson February 9 at 4:42am

Well this is all that you have been waiting for, the results for the Brownie Cook off.  I will have to say that the competition was close and good. I had to go back for thirds just to let you all know; and a couple of extra miles on the tread mill.

Leta, I don't know how to say this, but you are not the winner. According to the company and the votes it was Angela's brownies that won hands down.

Sorry to break the news like this over e-mail but that is how it goes. I will be here for moral support and comfort, and Angela CONGRATS

Which was followed by:

Angela Nestell February 9 at 4:57am

WOOOOHOOOOOO! Happy dance happy dance, muuwwhahahahaaa.

Dear Leta,

I am so sorry for your loss. I won't tell you where I really got the recipe as it may piss you off...yes I lied to you the other day :0) lol If there is anything I can do to help you out during this terrible time please let me know. Again, my condolences are with you at this sad time. xoxo

Mark....you will be getting more once my new vacuum sealer gets here along with some more cookies and whatever else I decide to send. I'm going to try to make Banana bread but we'll see how it turns out (never made it before). If its crap...then you'll have to sweet talk to Leta and let her make you some because I hear hers is really awesome. And if she won't make you any because she lost this competition, then well, I guess I could give her my browniiieeee...WHATEVER i'm not giving up this title!!! LMAO

Again, sorry for your loss Leta. And Mark, make sure you tell all the boys thanks and more will be on its way soon. :0) xo

Photos of my "friends"

The Nestell family.  Kirsten, SFC Nestell, Angela (in red) Raegan and Noah (on dad's lap)

1SG Mark Patterson (2nd from Left) and some of the other evil taste testers on a recent patrol in eastern Afghanistan.

While I am fairly certain the high altitude affected the taste buds and brain cells of those involved in the taste test it would be wrong of me not to congratulate Angela on her victory.  So:


Even though 1SG Patterson was kind enough (whatever) to offer moral support and comfort from Afghanistan I think I need a scotch or two.


Ang said...

Awww look at you being a good sport and congratulating me rather than saying what you are thinking. LoL I hope that you are coping well today and sorry it was such a shock to you this morning. Lots of love, hugs, and Betty Crocker (or was it Duncan Hines)brownie dust to you! :0)

tankerbabelc said...

No matter what I may be thinking I'm taking the high road. Betty Crocker my a$$.

Love and hugs to you, too - FRIEND!

Kanani said...

Well, I have to say, that brownies from scratch have always been my preference!

BostonMaggie said...

Kanani, I think we should taste these borwnies ourselves, don't you?

BostonMaggie said...

Excuse me....brownies.

See how much even the thought of chocolate excites me?

JihadGene said...


Count me in looong time!!!