Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What One RANGER Did On Block Leave

Communed with aliens

Practiced for his try out as Maria in a reprisal of "The Sound of Music"

Forced his little brother (the one on the left looking so mean and tough) to take him to Chuck E Cheese

Played with his food

And....drum roll please.......

Called his counselor while posing in a towel with PINK starfish and other pastel sea creatures AFTER applying NAIR to his body and creating major burns.  Yeah....Rangers Lead The Way! 


AFSister said...

Dude... you are ROCKIN' the pink starfish.

yankeemom said...

Yep, them Rangers are special! That's why we love them so.

Kanani said...

Well, the communing with aliens is not surprising. After all, it is the Army!