Monday, August 9, 2010

4th BCT, 4th ID Memorial Window, Fort Carson

Last October when the call went out to replace the personal items for the 56 survivors of COP Keating we received thousands of emails from Americans wanting to help out.  Within hours we had enough donations to replace the items on our list and were asking people to join in the efforts that the American Legion was working on for 3-61 Cavalry.  You can read about the incredible things the American Legion accomplished with the help of hundreds of great Americans here, here, and here

Two weeks after we had collected all of the personal items needed for the 56 survivors of COP Keating we were still receiving emails from people asking what they could do to help.  I had learned that 4th BCT, 4th ID was newly flagged at Fort Carson having been moved there from Fort Hood.  The Chapel on Post at Fort Carson had Memorial stained glass window panels for every unit except 4-4.  Through a series of emails I connected a donor with the Brigade Commander's wife.  Over the past few months they have worked together with a local artist in Colorado to design, create and install the window pane.

Last week the donor (who prefers to be anonymous), his wife, sons and I had the opportunity to view the Memorial pane in the Chapel.  It is beautiful.  I love the fact that the window pane includes the crest of each of the units within the Brigade.  It is, without a doubt, a beautiful addition to the Chapel as well as a timeless memorial to the Fallen Heroes of 4th BCT, 4th ID.

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