Monday, August 9, 2010

4th BCT, 4th ID OEF IX Welcome Home Picnic

4th BCT, 4th ID recently redeployed from a 12 month deployment to Afghanistan.  Last Thursday, August 5th, they held their welcome home picnic at Iron Horse park at Fort Carson.  I was privileged to be invited to the event.

LTC Brown (3-61 CAV Commander) and I walked over to the park just in time to watch the final pull (best of three) in the Warrior Games Tug of War.  3-61 CAV yanked the "competition" like yard dogs. 

3-61 CAV preparing for the final pull in the 4-4 Warrior Games Tug of War


Getting encouragement from LTC Brown, 1SG Burton and 3-61 CAV members

And in only a matter of seconds the red flag was totally out of site of the midpoint where it began.

The "competition"

After the tug of war victory LTC Brown and I moved to the basketball court for the finals in that event. 

3-61 CAV perhaps discussing competitive "strategy"? with COL George (4-4 Commander)

Rodriguez at the line - look at that form!

3-61 CAV won the game by a huge margin and ended up VICTORS of the Warrior Games!!!

See more photos from the picnic after the jump - click on "read more" below

LTC Brown calls a formation to present some awards

Then LTC Brown gets "ambushed" by his commanders who have something for him

CPT Stoney Portis and the "guys" have something up their sleeve

A new guitar for the Squadron Commander - NICE!

I think he likes it guys!

LTC Brown trying out the new guitar

Thanking his men

LTC Brown and his Commanders

LTC Brown presented me with a flag and certificate on behalf of 3-61 CAV.  It was very unexpected and very touching.  Any time I am honored with an American flag it is a special moment.  When it is one that has flown over our men in women in uniform who are at war there really are no words to express my gratitude and appreciation.

Susan Brown, me and LTC Brown

The certificate reads:

3rd Squadron
61st U. S. Cavalry Regiment
Certificate of Authenticity
Is presented to:
Tankerbabe - Leta Carruth
This is to certify that on 9 January 2010 this American flag was
flown over FOB Bostick, Afghanistan during Operation
Enduring Freedom.  As this flag was flown, it symbolized the
sovereign power of the United States of America and the
unshakeable resolve to keep our country safe

It is signed by CSM Wilson and LTC Brown

And now some photos from the picnic:

The Chow Trucks

Cooking the burgers, brats and hot dogs


It was a wonderful day.  We spent 5-6 hours at the park in the shadows of the peaks of the front range of the Colorado Rockies on a picture perfect day.  How can life get any better?

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