Saturday, April 10, 2010

Four Soldiers of 4th BDE, 4th ID, 3-61 CAV (Task Force Mountain Warrior) Awarded Silver Stars

From CJTF-82
Photos and story by Photo by U.S. Army PFC Beth Raney, Task Force Mountain Warrior Public Affairs

On April 9, 2010 GEN Stanley McChrystal awarded Silver Stars to four Soldiers of 4th Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, 3-61 Cavalry, Task Force Mountain Warrior.  The awards ceremony took place at FOB Fenty.

CPT Christopher B Cordova

CPT Cordova was recognized for displaying mental endurance and technical competence in treating and evacuating 16 U.S. and Afghan National Security Forces casualties and an additional 27 “walking wounded” during a violent engagement with enemy forces last October.
1LT Andrew L Bundermann 

1LT Bundermann orchestrated the defense of COP Keating, preventing it from falling into the hands of a Taliban force of more than 400 fighters.
SFC Jonathan G Hill

SFC Hill exemplified the skill and bravery of a Cavalry Scout while leading his platoon in the platoon leader’s absence during the battle of COP Keating. Hill led and directed his platoon while exposing himself to a heavy barrage of enemy fire, and organized multiple efforts to recover fallen Soldiers under effective, accurate fire.

SGT Thomas C Rasmussen

SGT Rasmussen volunteered to assault the ammunition supply point and establish a stronghold at COP Keating after it was overrun by more than 400 insurgent fighters. He was a critical member of the assault team that pushed to a battle position and recovered two American Heroes.


Coffeypot said...

Thanks for posting this, Basinah. My blogging friend, Kanani's husband was a surgeon there who worked on some of the wounded from Keating.

AFSister said...

Thanks for posting this, TB! You already know that Tori was one of the medivac pilots involved. Tori, btw, arrived home today for mid-tour leave. I wish I could see her while she's home, but I know she's got a full schedule.

tankerbabelc said...

Tori is such an incredible lady. I'm happy she's home on leave. I'm sure she must need it due to all she must be doing in A'stan.

AFSister said...

Yes, she is. After a well-deserved shower, Tori, her mom, and sister, headed out to the 'spa that serves WINE during pedicures' for some girlie time. Good deal, eh?!!