Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Places - New Friends

I have a wonderful "day" job.  I get to roam around the country working with amazing people and, at times, meeting some of their family members.  This project is no exception.  Meet Connie.  She does walk softly.  Heck, she even talks softly.  BUT....she carries a REALLY BIG stick.  I just hope she doesn't have a need to use it - ON ME!

Sandy's husband is a Vietnam Veteran.  I get to meet him tomorrow night when they take me to dinner at "The Chicken Place".  Legendary, I'm told.

And then there's the new man in my life - Parker:

Who REEEEEEEEEEALLY loves Ranch dip - on ANYTHING!

Parker didn't warm up to me so fast.  As a matter of fact when I hopped into the back seat with him last night to go to dinner he gave me that sideways look of "who the heck is THIS crazy lady?" then refused to look at me.  But by the time he and his parents dropped me off after dinner we were best buddies and exchanging high fives and down lows.  Sorry all you ROCK paratroopers.  Parker's my man for now.


Jamie said...

OMG, I want one! The stick, not the kid, although he's really, really cute.

Coffeypot said...

That little man is what the ROCK troops are fighting for. You chose well.

tankerbabelc said...

Jamie we all know to keep the kids AWAY from you. As for you having one of those big sticks.'re gonna need a bigger car. LOL

Coffee - no doubts. No doubts.