Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Task Force Mountain Warrior Has Left The Valley - The Korengal Valley


DAMN THAT VALLEY! (My note - not from the article)

ISAF Units Realign in Eastern Afghanistan


For Immediate Release

KABUL, Afghanistan (April 14) - International Security Assistance Forces continued their realignment with more populated areas in accordance with the ISAF counterinsurgency strategy. Forces repositioned out of the isolated Korengal Valley in Kunar Province today. These deliberate moves began in March.

"This repositioning, in partnership with the Afghan National Security Forces, responds to the requirements of the new population-centric counterinsurgency strategy," said Lt. Gen. David M. Rodriguez, ISAF Joint Command commander.

"The move does not prevent forces from rapidly responding, as necessary, to crises there in Korengal and in other parts of the region, as well," said Rodriguez.

"Repositioning forces from the Korengal valley to more populated areas will allow us to have greater flexibility," said U.S. Army Col. Randy George, Task Force Mountain Warrior commander. "The area was once very operationally important, but appropriate to the new strategy, we are focusing our efforts on population centers. We're still able to conduct operations there, even without a base, like we do in other remote valleys."

Coalition forces, in cooperation with their Afghan partners, continue to work with local leaders and local government officials to set the conditions for success in Afghanistan

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