Sunday, April 25, 2010

SFC Jonathan G Hill - Task Force Mountain Warrior's Warrior of the Day 20 April 2010

On 3 October 2009, Sergeant First Class (SFC) Jonathan G. Hill, from Bravo Troop, 3rd Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, earned the Silver Star during a complex attack by an enemy force estimated at 400 fighters.  When the initial attack started, SFC Hill exemplified the skill and bravery of a Cavalry Scout while leading his platoon in the platoon leader's absense during the battle of Combat Outpost Keating.  SFC Hill led and directed his platoon while exposing himself to a heavy barrage of enemy fire.  With no regard to his personal safety, SFC Hill organized multiple efforts to recover fallen Soldiers under effective, accurate fire.  While directing his platoon, SFC Hill took multiple shrapnel wounds from an RPG blast.  These RPG blasts suppressed his position, but he still managed to maneuver his platoon through the enemy fire to reconsolidate at the barracks and continue the resupply mission they were conducting to the different guard positions.  When one of the fallen heroes was unaccounted for, he courageously maneuvered his team once again to find the body.  Additionally, SFC Hill led his men in clearing and securing the HLZ in order to evacuate all wounded Soldiers and ANA.

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