Wednesday, April 14, 2010

UPDATED: Madison, WI Police Department Names One of Its Two New K-9's After Fallen Hero SGT Joshua Brennan

A couple of months ago I wrote about a call I received from Mike Brennan, father of SGT Joshua Brennan who was KIA in Afghanistan in October 2007. Mike called to tell me that the Madison, WI police department was naming one of their new K-9 members in honor of Josh.  There are a couple of pictures of K-9 Josh at the link above.  It was emotional the day Mike called to tell me that news but even more emotional tonight when Mike called to tell me that K-9 Josh has finished his training and the department had the dedication today to signify that K-9 Josh is now offically a member of the force.  Mike pointed me to this video aired on local news by NBC 15 in Madison, WI

TISSUE WARNING with respect to the video.

SGT Josh Brennan never questioned that once he left the Army he would return to Madison, join the police department and serve with his dad.  SGT Brennan won't be able to fulfill that dream but Officer Mike Brennan who, by the way, also served our nation in the Army for many years, now has K-9 Josh to remind him of his son every day.  In an interview Mike was quoted as saying, "To some people, naming a K9 Josh might seem like just a name. But to me it's like having a little bit of my son back with me every day."

I asked Mike if he gave K-9 Josh a treat today.  He chuckled and replied, "Yes, several".

I am grateful to the Madison Police Department for all of the support they have given to Mike and especially for honoring Josh's memory this way.

Mike didn't have any photos to share with me tonight but said he thinks he will have some in the next few days. Once I get them I will post them here.

UPDATE:  I received more photos from Mike Brennan.  In the three photos below from left to right:  Madison, WI police officer and K-9 handler Officer Teresa McKenzie, K-9 Josh, Officer Mike Brennan (SGT Josh Brennan's father)

In this link the Madison Police Department announces the addition of its two new K-9s as well as the retirement of one K-9 team.


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