Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An Awesome Update On Honorary COL Evan Pertile

If you are a fairly new reader to this blog and aren't aware who Evan is you can find a lot of background info on this amazing young man here, here and here.  We were first introduced to Evan by Matt over at Blackfive.  There are posts about Evan over there at this link, this link and this link.

This morning I received both an email notification as well as a text message from Evans mom, Rachel, directing me to this awesome update on Evan's most recent check up at St Jude Children's Research Hospital.  I'll bet many of you heard my loud "WOO HOO" when I read the update.

Here's what Rachel wrote today (in the wee hours of the morning):

"Will the wonder ever cease?

Dear Evan's Army,

Wow. A Miracle. That's is all I could say today when Alex told me the news. His MRI (thank you God!) is clear. The crazy, unbelievable, out of the world, science fiction is that EVAN HAS GROWN THREE INCHES IN 6 MONTHS!!! And, if possibly even more unbelievable, his spine has grown. You may recall from previous journal entries that children's spines do not like radiation. They cease to grow. His growth is unexplainable The pediatric endocrinologist is stunned. His 6 hour test scheduled for later today (ok - it's 2:00 am but I am too excited to sleep) has been canceled. Why? Because he is growing!!!! Hallelujah. Alex told me his growth rate is off the charts and his bone age (xray of his hand which compares chronological age with rate of growth) is normal.

Evan once again is stunning the medical community. We truly thought he would be getting the daily growth hormone shots starting back in 2010. As a physician, I can't begin to explain it. As a mom, I relish and embrace it. I picture Evan, wearing an orange shirt with red and blue plaid shorts, standing defiantly and yelling "Bring it!" (okay, so he's not a GQ Man at heart).

Of course, I secretly hope that he will never need to get the growth hormone shots. Alex has tried to tell me all the risks and side effects of growth hormone but I won't let him. I can do pretty well with future hypothetical worrying all on my own, so I don't need any ammunition!
We are so thankful for the positive news today. A big hug goes out to all of Evan's prayer warriors.

Now, as it is 2:17 am and I have 4 children who will expect their mother tobe coherent in about four hours from now, I am going to go to bed. I'm pretty sure that Alex and Evan are sound asleep in Memphis!"


Yep, that definitely deserves a few WOO HOOs!  So many answered prayers. 

Evan and his family have been such an inspiration to me and so many others  To say I am thrilled to read this fantastic news is such an understatement.

Hurry up and get home Evan.  You've got soccer, swimming, etc., etc., etc. to get back to.

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