Sunday, April 15, 2012

SGT Justin "Doc" Henry 172d ABLE Co 3-66 Soldier of the Week 14 April 2012

SGT Justin "Doc" Henry

SGT Henry, 24, is the proud son of Debrah Wetzle.  After studying Criminal Justice for a year at a community college, he made the choice to serve his nation during a time of war.  He enlisted in the National Guard as a Chemical Equipment Repair Specialist in 2006.

SGT Henry wanted a greater challenge; he became an 11B, Infantryman when he joined the Army full-time in 2008.  He earned the Combat Infantryman Badge while deployed to Afghanistan a year later.  His mettle was tested and proved under fire; also, he witnessed how significant of a role the combat medic has during Infantry operations.  That epiphany resulted in a request to change his Military Occupational Specialty to 68W, Health Care Specialist.

As a Combat Medic, SGT Henry provided medical coverage for 3rd platoon, ABLE Company during Operation Enduring Freedom XI-XII.  He continuously conducted preventive medicine operations which kept his platoon fit to fight throughout the year-long deployment.  SGT Henry provided exceptional amounts of personal attention to the individual needs of his brothers-in-arms.

SGT Henry earned the esteemed Combat Medic Badge in September of 2011.  He used his experience from previous mountain warfare operations to emplace a fortified platoon-level casualty collection point on top of jagged ridgeline.  He dug-in, filled sand bags, and camouflaged the CCP which resulted in his being able to sustain the platoon’s medical readiness during a five days long blocking position.  After a firefight with the enemy during the first day, SGT Henry assessed the platoon and ensured it was able to complete its mission.

SGT Henry is a hybrid Soldier.  He is an experienced Infantryman who has previously closed with and engaged the enemy; he knows the kinetic fight and can position himself to best serve his Soldiers as their Combat Medic.  SGT Henry is a unique and accomplished NCO who brings great credit upon himself and the Blackhawk Brigade.

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