Monday, April 9, 2012

SPC Bishop Hunter 172d ABLE Co 3-66 Soldier of the Week 23 March 2012

My dear friend Bob Connolly and I have been sending support to the men of ABLE Company over the past few months.  Just this week the 1SG began to send me emails regarding "Soldier of the Week".  I wish he'd done this sooner.

So here is the first one:

SPC Hunter K Bishop

SPC Bishop, Machine Gunner, 11B, has demonstrated a commitment to the 172d Brigade which distinguished him from his peers.

SPC Hunter Bishop is the youngest son of Ky and Terri Bishop.  He landed the lead role and starred in the independent movie Chasing Case.  Despite a shot at stardom, a patriotic calling to duty led him to enlist in the Army as an Infantryman in April 2010.

SPC Bishop has participated in four air assault operations in the rugged mountains of XXXX Province, Afghanistan.  He carried combat loads in excess of 100 pounds during missions that lasted over five days each.  In XXXX Province he conducted over 100 foot patrols, lasting over four hours each, through an agricultural based landscape laden with wide trenches as deep as 30 feet.  SPC Bishop inspired his battle buddies to perform to highest standards possible by setting a perfect example on a daily basis during operations that were partnered with the Afghan National Forces.

Physical fitness is a high priority for SPC Bishop; he understood the importance of being fit to fight.  While conducting rigorous combat operations, he scored 265 points on an Army Physical Fitness test conducted at over 7000 feet of elevation with an ambient temperature of 35 degrees Fahrenheit.  SPC Bishop always volunteered to help his platoon complete their missions during the worst weather conditions, hot or cold.  His sense of duty and pride in being part of a team are the hallmark of what makes this Soldier stand out from the formation.

His personal experience during numerous combat operations inspired the permanent artwork which adorns his right shoulder and bicep.  In XXX the 172d BCT will case its colors; SPC Bishop will proudly continue to carry the symbol of the 172d and share his story as part of the Blackhawk Brigade.

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