Monday, April 9, 2012

SPC Erik Wiley 172d ABLE Co 3-66 Soldier of the Week 7 April 2012

SPC Erik Wiley

Duty Position and MOS: Team Leader, 11B

 SPC Wiley has performed above his peers while serving with the 172ND Blackhawk Brigade.

SPC Erik Wiley is the pride of his parents Connie Roberts and Landon Wiley.  He played linebacker and point guard on his high school football and basketball team.  His participation in team sports prepared him for the brotherly commitment that came with serving in the Infantry.

SPC Wiley enlisted in the Army as an 11B, Infantryman in January of 2010.  Prior to deploying to Afghanistan, he was hand selected to be trained to operate as a member of a mortar team.  His ability to quickly master the conduct of indirect fires during Infantry operations resulted in assignment to the headquarters platoon of Bravo Company, 1-2 Infantry as a gunline squad leader.

SPC Wiley had the honor of maintaining and operating the Venom Company Battle-Gator (VCBG), a custom built weaponized utility vehicle that was armed with a belt-fed, fully-automatic 40mm grenade launcher and a .50 caliber machine gun.  He conducted four air assault operations in which he was inserted into enemy controlled terrain by dismounting the VCBG from a Chinook helicopter during hours of limited visibility.  Once in the support by fire position, he emplaced his 60mm mortar system and was prepared to immediately suppress any enemy which dared to engage Venom Company.

SPC Wiley demonstrated outstanding leadership in the performance of his duties as a mortarman and headquarters “go-to” guy; this resulted in his selection for promotion to Sergeant ahead of his peers.

Currently, SPC Wiley is assigned as a Team Leader for Alpha Company, 3-66 AR, TF 1-2 IN on FOB XXXX.  He represents the third generation of Wiley to serve his country during wartime, he is a true American patriot and stellar icon for his Blue Star Mom!   Blackhawk.

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