Monday, April 9, 2012

SPC Williams 172d ABLE Co 3-66 Soldier of the Week 31 March 2012

SPC Williams

SPC Williams has demonstrated a commitment to the 172D Brigade which distinguished him from his peers.

SPC Williams graduated from Southern Tech in August of 2009 with a BS in Business and a minor in Engineering.  Upon graduation from college, his call to valor and patriotism lead him to enlist in the Army as a 19K Armor Crewman in March of 2010.

SPC Williams has participated in four air assault operations in the rugged mountains of XXXX Province, Afghanistan.  He carried combat loads in excess of 100 pounds during missions that lasted over five days each.  He wrote analysis of the enemy activity he observed as well as the patterns of life of the local communities.  His analysis helped the company commander to understand the company’s battle space which resulted in the company’s success by disrupting enemy operations in the Battalion’s Area of Operation.

In December of 2011, at his new home at FOB XXXX, SPC Williams headed the CoIST team for ABLE Company.  While in charge, he was able to implement procedures that standardized reporting for the company.  He helps the commander to write the daily Blue One report by ensuring that relevant data is extracted from the patrols briefs.  SPC Williams is responsible for analyzing Able Company’s battle space to determine threats to our forces and company mission.  Through his attention to detail, he is able to accurately inform the commander and the platoon leaders of intelligence passed down from Battalion, and to inform Battalion of intelligence gathered from daily patrols.

Physical fitness is a high priority for SPC Williams; he understands the importance of being fit to fight.  Weighing in at 160 pounds, he bench pressed an impressive 315 pounds and ran five miles in less than 40 minutes.  SPC Williams set the benchmark for all Soldiers to emulate.

SPC Williams was engaged by the enemy during multiple air assault operations; these events helped to give him an operational understanding of the battlefield which enabled him to transcend merely conducting analytical analysis.  His personal experience during combat operations resulted in the award of the Combat Action Badge and developed him into a well-rounded asset for the Blackhawk Brigade.

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