Monday, February 21, 2011

An Evening With Brett, Matt and Sebastian

I made a quick trip to Chicago Sunday/Monday.  Initial reason for deciding to go was to attend a lecture by Sebastian Junger.  As a bonus I was able to meet Brett Perry (former ROCK Paratrooper and all around great guy) and Matt Burden for cocktails prior to the lecture.

I was having so much fun with Brett and Matt that I forgot to take a photo.  The following one will have to suffice.

In support of our special friend Boston Maggie who is currently in 30 day "incarceration" for a stem cell transplant to treat Muliple Myleoma, Matt had at least 10 Guiness as he promised!.  We had a wonderful time. 

So I left the guys at the Sports Bar and dashed over to listen to Sebastian's lecture.  He, as always, was phenomenal.  He had the huge crowd laughing at times and on the edge of their seats at other times.  He's just a natural.  After the lecture a line formed for book signing.  It snaked across the entire width of the auditorium then back down along one entire side.  Yep, he's a rock star.

Some photos:

Sebastian during his lecture on jounalism and his book WAR

My attempt to get a photo showing the long line of those waiting to have their book signed and a photo made with Sebastian

The line

After the book signing we had a cocktail and called it a night.


Coffeypot said...
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Coffeypot said... knew all that. So I KNOW you had a good time. You are the bestest Sky Warror Gal ever.

Leta said...

Well now I'm curious as heck as to what you removed. LOL

I don't know that I'm "the bestest Sky Warrior Gal ever" but I darn sure know I'm the luckiest.

Safe journeys friend

JihadGene said...

You are by far the bestest LOOONG time!!! Glad you had a wonderful time too! JG ;)

BostonMaggie said...

How could you forget pics? You ALWAYS have pics!

Thanks for the kind words.