Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Italy -Wednesday Night Dinner Out With Kyle, Justin, Adam & Tim (the new guy)

On Wednesday night my "landlord", Ranger Iles, chauffered Remmie and me downtown to the Orange Bar to meet up with "the officers".  Most of you know that if Remmie is "in the area" I HAVE to have him along. 

It's a darn good thing I trust Ranger Iles.  I couldn't get back to where we were if my life depended on it.  He navigated the narrow and twisting streets of downtown Vicenza like a pro.  We parked and set off to the Orange Bar to meet the "officers" who were already there and at least one glass of wine ahead of us.  I had a glass of wine then we set off for dinner at the Pizza Pub down the street.

I'm not sure why it's called the Orange Bar but deducted it must be so due to the building being painted ORANGE.  Duh!

The Pizza Pub was AWESOME!  Food was great but the conversation and laughs were even better.  I'm so grateful that you men took the time to hang out with me!  I had a blast!  Not sure what Tim, the new guy must have thought.  He was quiet all night.  Poor guy!

Adam, Justin, Jeff, Me, Remmie, Kyle and Tim at the Pizza Pub

Um, Jeff, I'm fairly certain no one was really listening to you - just being nice by appearing to do so

Irish Car Bombs



Irish Car Bombs - a tradition!  (Well, my tradition and the guys are kind enough to humor me)

Adam, Justin, Kyle, me, Iles and Tim.  I guess Remmie took this one

For some reason, after the Irish Car Bomb I felt it necessary to practice for Ranger School.  Justin was kind enough to be my "victim"

After an absolutely wonderful evening Ranger Iles chauffered Remmie back to his apartment then me back to his casa.  Slept like a baby!

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