Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Italy - Thursday Night Cookout With The Chosen Few Then Off To William Wallace

Thursday night began with a cookout at Zeamer and Vega's casa.  Zeamer is quite the chef.  Steaks, skewered beef marinated in a tasty concoction, pasta salad, etc.  Oh, and beer.  Not sure the loud rap music was my thing but, hey, I can "hang" with the younger generation.  OK, it was easy to avoid the music by "hanging" out on the wrap around balcony.

Chef Zeamer

Lovely ladies - in every respect

Ranger Iles didn't like leaving me alone with Remmie - phfffft

Speaks for itself!

The CHOSEN FEW presented this flag to me.  It was in their TOC during the deployment.  They all signed it and also wrote many very touching messages on it.  It is something I will treasure always just as I will them.

Van Esch and Diaz

See?  There's Ranger Iles AGAIN.  So annoying since he has a fabulous lady of his own.  Vega and I pretended he wasn't even there.

Bring on the Irish Car Bombs!


I had to break things off with Ooley a couple of nights later.  Just wasn't working out.  LOL (Inside story and joke there folks)

I think that was one of several Jaeger Bombs

Irish Car Bomb #???

Jaeger Bomb #???

They are so awesome!

One of a FEW "tender" moments.  LOL

Those lovely ladies again!

Battle Co had a dinner that night but a couple of the guys dropped by after.  YAY!  Michael Cunningham in the house

A fabulous night all the way around!  Yes, we drank but we also enjoyed each other's company to the max.

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