Monday, February 7, 2011

Italy - Lunch at the PX with "The Boyz"

After a wonderful couple of days with the Nestells they dumped me onto Ranger Iles and the Chosen Few.  Ranger Iles and his lovely special lady, Carlisa, were kind enough to give me Ranger Iles house all to myself for the remainder of my time in Italy.  Aside from having NO HOT WATER for showers it was a fabulous pad.  Ranger Iles was kind enough to have the HOT WATER fixed AFTER I left.  Guess it was a bit more of that Ranger "training" going on.

On Tuesday Angela Nestell deposited me at Camp Ederle.  I was hanging out at the PX waiting for Ranger Iles when....some of the guys began showing up.  They heard I was on post and came over to say hello.  Aw man!  See, how could I not love these guys.  So...being the big spender that I am I treated them to lunch in the food court.  Yeah, I know, way over the top.

Chosen Co (with the exception of Eckrode, Jr.)
Eckrode, Jr. (barely in the shot), Whitney, Diaz de Leon, Ooley, Unknown (sorry) and Ranger Iles

I had to break things off with Ooley.  He and Diaz were just too tight of a couple.  *sigh*


Battle Co in the house!  Gallardo and Eckrode, Jr.

As I was leaving the PX I ran into Michael Cunningham! 

Cunningham and me

After lunch we took a strole over to Chosen Company looking for Remmel.  MISSION FAILURE!  Remmie no where to be found.  And since the Army doesn't think it's "safe" for me to wander about post un-escorted, SSG Gallardo was kind enough to walk me back to the PX where Ranger Iles picked me up.  Awesome!

Thanks for coming over guys.  Meant the world to me!