Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Italy - Friday Night Dinner With Special 173rd, 2-503rd Battle/Bravo Company Men Past and Present

What a special night this was!  Sadly, LTC (retired) Roy Lombardo, Jr. was not with us or it would have been perfect.  Roy's flight was cancelled due to the winter storm on the east coast so he never made it to Italy.  He was missed by everyone but we didn't hesitate to talk about him fondly.

Erick Gallardo had picked a very quiet and off the beaten path restaurant.  PERFECT!  The atmosphere was laid back and the food was delicious.  It allowed everyone, especially Sal, to relax and just enjoy good conversation and "war" stories from the older generation.  Lots of laughs and good times.

I'm more grateful than I can relay in words that these men allow me to be a part of their lives.  They are tons of fun and so very special to me.  SGT Eckrode, Jr's parents are dear friends of mine so it's always good to be able to let "mom" know that her GROWN SON is fine.  OK mom?  :)

 Herbert Murhammer and Jim Robinson - Vietnam Era 173rd, 2-503rd Bravo Bulls

SSG Erick Gallardo, SPC Garrett Clary and SGT Frank Eckrode, Jr

SGT Frank Eckrode, Jr, me, SSG Sal Giunta (recent recipient of the Medal of Honor)

Seated - Erick Gallardo, Garrett Clary, Frank Eckrode, Jr, me
Standing - Jim Robinson, Herbert Murhammer, Chris Izell, Sal Giunta

 Herbert Murhammer, Jim Robinson and Sal Giunta

A great evening me.  THANK YOU!

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Kanani said...

So is this when you roadtested your new Parachute Cutie moniker? ;)