Saturday, February 5, 2011

So Many Thank Yous For So Much Love

My trip to Italy was one of the greatest times of my life.  I have so many people to thank and am concerned I'll leave someone out.  Luckily not many of "the boyz" read my blog so if I do miss someone they may not realize it.

Thank you to the Nestells for picking me up at the airport when I arrived and for allowing me to stay with them for a couple of days.  Kirsten I REALLY appreciate you for giving up your room.  Your dress for your first dance was PERFECT and you looked GORGEOUS!  Raegan, my special Battle Buddy, I'm SO happy I was able to go to one of your basketball practices and to a game - that you WON!  YAY!  Noah, I'm so grateful I got to babysit with you.  You are the coolest little guy on the block.  I love your smile and your little boy antics.  Most of all I LOVE your hugs and kisses.  Getting to rock you was such a bonus.  And to Angela and Michael - THANK YOU for EVERYTHING.  I enjoyed every minute with you and your fabulous family.  I miss you terribly and hope that Germany is everything you hope for and more.

To Ranger Iles - I guess you can have your house back now.  Keys are under the doormat and sheets are in the washer.  LOL  Seriously Jeff - I could not have done all that I did without you allowing me to stay at your house and you either hauling me around or making arrangements for someone to do so.  You made me feel right at home and made my stay so enjoyable.  I love you!  I appreciate you and Carlisa for everything and I owe you big time.

To The Chosen Few - How can any one woman (me) be SO fortunate?  I promise not to ever let people know that you badasses are so kind, caring and loving.  I love you men to the moon and back and more.  Thank you for the hugs, dinners, toasts, shots and love.  Most of all THANK YOU for the VERY SPECIAL flag.  I will treasure it and each of you always.

Flag that was in the Chosen Few's TOC during OEF X and signed by all - a treasure!

I already have it up in my office at work!

To Adam, Kyle, Justin and Tim the new guy...drinking at the Orange Bar and dinner at the Pizza Pub with you = FANTASTIC!    Justin thanks a million for allowing me to practice for Ranger School by lifting you onto my shoulder and carrying you around. You're such a team player.  LOL

Justin letting me "practice" for Ranger School.  LOL

To Sal, Frank, Erick, Garrett and Chris - dinner on Friday night was SO special.  Thank you all for coming and for spending time with the Bravo Bulls and me.  It meant the world to us just as each of you means the world to us.

Erick, Garrett, Frank, Jim, Herbert, me, Chris and Sal

Kyle - the flag flown over FOB Airborne on the 8th of November 2010 is one of the most special possessions I have.  I will cherish it forever.  Not only is is a reminder of the love between you current ROCK men and me it is a reminder of the men who came before you - those who fought so valiantly and those who died with honor on that fateful day in 1965.  You're thoughtfulness is unending.

I'll have many more posts over the next few days.  Many more photos and memories.  It was a fabulous trip thanks to ALL of you.  If I've left anyone off of here forgive me.  Old age and not taking notes = a bad idea.


Coffeypot said...

ooh rah - I'm so glad for you and that you had a good time. Great bunch of dudes, too.

Jen said...

Did you learn that butt hold for the lift over your shoulder from the men?? It looks as if you had an awesome awesome time .. you are so fortunate to be in the midst of these military men. You show the love that many of us feel back in the states but never take action on. I applaud you.

ParachuteCutie said...

Coffeypot - FABULOUS bunch of dudes hands down! Hey, when is your great adventure? Soon? I'm SO excited for you and cannot wait to hear all about it.

Jen - I remind those men all the time that I am just one of MANY who love, respect and support them. We do have such a special bond though and I am grateful EVERY day for that. As for the lift, well, we pretended that was just training for Ranger School. LOL