Friday, February 4, 2011

Humbled and Honored Beyond Words By the Sky Soldiers of the 173rd, 2-503d Infantry Regiment

As most of you know I've just returned from Italy.  While I was there I spent several days with the MOST AMAZING SOLDIERS on the planet.  They treated me like a queen every second of every day and night.  I left there wondering how in the world I am fortunate enough to know these men, their wives, girlfriends and families.  I also left there with enough great memories and new friendships to last a lifetime.

Today I received the following (see photos below)

I would like to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart and within the depth of my sole to every Sky Soldier past and present for this honor that you have bestowed upon me.  I could never love, respect or appreciate a group of Soldiers the way I do you and your loved ones. 

When I read the names on the roster of the Honorary Members of the 2-503 Infantry Regiment I genuinely don't know what to say beyond "THANK YOU for this immense honor.  As we say where I'm from, "that's some tall cotton."  I am truly humbled and honored.

P. S.  THANK YOU for not requiring me to jump out of an airplane.  I think that is best left to you experts - you ROCK PARATROOPERS!


Stephen said...

Wow, this is WONDERFUL! Congratulations!

AFSister said...


That is SO COOL. I told you those guys love you- and for good reason. Congratulations! Or should I say... HOOAH!

Anonymous said...

Well Deserved!!!

Anonymous said...

Goosebumps, TB, goosebumps!!

Jen said...

5,000 goosebumps just popped out on my skin!! How wonderful and such an honor! You deserve though - your devotion is unending. Congrats!

ParachuteCutie said...

Thank you all for your very kind comments. Each of you, in your own way, does so much for our nation and our troops and have become close friends/partners in crime to me. I remind the Soldiers all the time that there are MANY back here (not just me) who love, respect, appreciate and support them every day.

This honor is overwhelming. I am still in a state of disbelief and honored beyond words.